Welcome To The Hicks Home

So this week, I wanted to show you all what my Japanese home is like. I am literally obsessed with our home. Since Jon has been deployed, he hasn’t even spent one night in it yet. I can’t wait for him to come home and see it. I didn’t think that we would find a home that would feel like…well, home. However, I feel so comfortable here. I love living in Japan and being able to explore new and different places, but I do enjoy being in my home also.

Most of y’all have never been to Japan, so I wanted to use this platform to show you my house. I’m also going to show you some of the AWESOME Japanese electronics that I have. I think my home is sponsored by Panasonic…. Please save all questions till the end of the tour. (Sorry, stupid joke.)

Welcome to the Hicks house…

So our house is actually a duplex. If you look at the picture of the front door, the black panel to the right of it, is actually our doorbell. On it, there is a camera. When someone rings the doorbell, the camera is engaged and I can see who is there from a panel in the house. (I will show you that later.) As soon as you enter the front door, you are in the entryway…obviously. We have two levels of cabinets. The cabinets that are on the bottom are used for shoe racks. It’s customary in Japanese homes to remove your shoes when you enter any home. I actually do follow that rule for the most part. So I store a lot of shoes in those cabinets.

You all might also be wondering why I have so many cat figurines… Since arriving in Japan, I decided that I wanted to start a collection of some traditional Japanese item; I landed on Lucky Cats. Each cat has a different meaning depending on their color, what they might be holding, and what paw is raised. A lot of Japanese restaurants have them because they can bring good fortune. It’s my goal to get as many different ones as possible. I’m currently searching for a silver one…

Now we will enter the Kitchen/Living Room/Dining room:

The downstairs is a pretty open concept. I like that about this house. It’s pretty exciting because in our home, we have an oven and a dishwasher. Surprisingly, many Japanese homes don’t have those. Our home is pretty Americanized for the most part. We also have a lot of storage for a Japanese home.

From the kitchen, you can see the whole rest of the downstairs. I’m a little obsessed with the color scheme I decided to use. I love the black, white, and grey with mixed patterns. We usually do brown and blues…I was tired of that. As you probably also guessed…I’m also obsessed with plants. I think I have 11 total downstairs; not including 2 that I have outside. Gotta get that oxygen!

I’m also using my dining room table as my ‘desk.’ Every morning, I bring my coffee and breakfast here to sit and check e-mails, and write Jon’s -mail for the morning.

So I didn’t take any pictures of upstairs, because it’s just 2 bedrooms…nothing special about that. However, the best part of the upstairs is the balcony off of our master bedroom. So I will show you the view, because it’s awesome.

Okay…now on to the cool part. I wan’t prepared for the amazing-ness of Japanese home electronics. Here are a few that are scattered about my house.

Every room that has a ceiling fan, has one of these. I didn’t translate what the characters mean, but you can get the gist. This controls the ceiling fan speed, the direction the wind moves, and the lights.

So the remote on the left is also in every room that has an air conditioner unit. That’s what it controls. Obviously it controls the temperature of the heating and air conditioner. To be honest, that’s about all I’ve done with it, so I’m not sure what the other things do.

The panel on the right is what I was talking about earlier, this is the doorbell control panel. Like I said, when someone rings the doorbell, it shows up on the screen. I don’t have many people who ring the doorbell, so I haven’t actually had to use it.

Here we have the controls for the bathtub. Yes…the Japanese bathtubs have electronic controls. If you’re into baths, this is like a dream. Your bath water will never get cold because there is an option to add hot water. And if it’s too hot, go ahead and add some cold water. Before starting your bath, go ahead and choose your water temperature and how deep you want your water, and when it gets to that level it will turn itself off!

And now…the grand finale. THE TOILET. It may seem silly to say that, but you have no idea until you try one. First of all…the toilet already has buttons on the toilet, but on the wall next to it, there’s a removable remote to flush, or turn the ‘butt washer’ on. And yes, there is a butt washer…complete with buttons that control the temperature of the water. And now the one thing I don’t think I can ever live without…HEATED TOILET SEATS. For example…I keep both of the toilet seats in my house heated. Long story short…we will be buying a toilet seat like this and bringing it back to the states with us when we leave.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Pictures really don’t do it justice. I love my home and I feel so lucky that we found something that we can feel so comfortable in. I can’t wait for visitors to come and experience my home and the country of Japan!!


2 thoughts on “Welcome To The Hicks Home

  1. So many more plants! lol Love all the things you’ve added to the walls! And yes, my forever home will have heated toilet seats too!! They are the greatest thing ever!!!!!!!!


  2. Love your hone, I want some heated toilet seats, that is Awesome. Miss you, love the pics, feel like I get to visit Japan thru you, thank you.
    Stacy Sawyer Halstead


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