Full Embrace

I would like to think that I am adjusting quite well. One of my favorite things about living here is the transportation. All things that I'm not used to; taxis, trains, walking, and biking.
Riding my bicycle just about everywhere is the most fun to me. My new home is about 3.5 miles away from base. Since I don't have a car yet, and if I don't want to ride the train, I just ride my bicycle to base. I'm in love with it. It was definitely scary the first time riding along the busy streets of Yokosuka. To say that I am a cautious cyclist would be an understatement. It's weird living in a place where everything is so close. Back home, the closest grocery store was at least a 20 minutes drive away. Here, it's only a 7 minute walk to my closest grocery store…and there's even a McDonald's attached to it!
Every day I see something or do something that I wish my friends and family from home could experience too. In that case, I took some pictures of my daily bike ride, so that y'all could see what I see almost every day. I feel lucky to be living here and experiencing all of these things. Even if it's something small like getting to ride a bicycle to some places. It's the small things that people never forget.


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