My first official post in Japan!!'s been a few days, but I made it to Yokosuka, Japan! It's definitely different than living back home. Not like I thought it would be the same or anything. There's just a few things to get used to. I'm still trying to get used to the time difference. I sleep at normal times, but I still wake up a few times a night and I wake up really early. It's also really different, because we're basically city folks now. It's neat to get to be able to walk everywhere or use public transit. It's for sure a change from back home where you have to drive 30 minutes to get to a grocery store.

Although being here is nice, my travel experience wasn't the best. I emailed Jon as soon as I got here that I NEVER want to make that trip with the dogs by myself ever again. Fiona did really well on the plane. She pretty much just slept and starred at me the whole time. She didn't like it when I went to the bathroom though. Most people on the plane didn't even realize that I had a dog on the plane, so that's good. Stark however…I don't think he liked the plane ride. When I got to him at the airport, he was shaking and had thrown up in his kennel. (I can't remember if I told y'all, but Fiona rode with me in cabin and Stark was underneath the plane with the checked baggage.) They enjoy being city dogs though. They love that we have to take them out on walks every day. It's nice because they get good and tired now.

So as of right now, us and the dogs are staying at the Navy Lodge on base. We found a house off base though. However, we won't be able to sign the lease until the 31st. We're very excited though. It's a duplex about 3.5 miles from base. It is over 1,100 square feet, so all of you who thing we'll be living in a tiny home is wrong. The bad thing is that there's no grass so we have to buy some fake grass for the kids to use the bathroom. Hopefully Jon will get off work early so we can go see it. He's seen it, but I haven't. I'm so excited!

The day after I got here, we walked around base and Jon showed me around. Then we got to go off base and have lunch and look around. It was definitely culture shock. It's weird being in a place where you can't read any of the signs or where almost all of the people around you barely speak English. Even though it was confusing, it felt great to be out in town.

I know everyone is asking, so here are some pictures I've taken so far. I hope y'all continue to keep up with my experience here in Japan!

Pictures from the base:

Pictures of Yokosuka, Japan:


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