I caught nothing but a sunburn…

1 week since my last post. The problem is that my weeks aren’t very exciting. I don’t want to bore you with my daily smoothie, gym, lunch, dinner routine. The big story this past week was my fishing trip!

Little Brittany’s boyfriend Travis is a huge fan of fishing. It’s pretty much his career. Anyways, I’ve been telling him how bad I want to go fishing on the beach with him and Brittany. He promised me that it would happen before I left, and this past weekend was the time to do it. Now, when they go fishing on the beach, they literally stay on the beach all day and night. 

After Brittany and I were done cleaning cottages on Saturday, we met up with Travis and we all drove down to Hatteras. We had to stop at a few tackle shops on the way so he could pick out the perfect bait. Once we got to the spot, we met up with a couple of his other fishing buddies and we drove on to the beach. I’d say we got there around 6pm on Saturday. Right away, they all set up their poles and threw out the lines. They started fishing and Brittany and I took a stroll to the southern tip of the beach to see the sunset. (Obviously I brought my camera!)

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful evening. Sitting in my beach chair at night looking at the stars and moon reflecting off of the waves made me a little sad though. It got me thinking about Jon and how much I missed him. I wish he could’ve been there with us. 

Being on the beach at night is so nice. You can hear the waves crashing, but can’t always see them. The most unpleasant thing was the mist coming off the water was making my skin so dewy and sticky feeling. Brittany and I were not fans. But we didn’t complain to much. Unlike the legit fishermen, Brittany and I weren’t about to stay up all night with the ghost crabs and raccoons, so we went to sleep in the car. Around 3am, Travis came and woke us up to show us the shark he caught. That was the first shark I’ve ever touched before. He was kind of cute. 

Her and I woke up just in time for the sunrise the next day. It was pretty cloudy, so it wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen. Who am I kidding? I’m never really up early enough to see a sunrise anyways!

Sunday was beautiful and hot. They kept fishing for the big fish while Brittany and I were fishing for sea mullet. We had a lot of nibbles, but no fish. We packed up everything and left around 3pm. We didn’t catch any fish while we were there, but I did catch a mean sunburn. I suppose that’s what I get for falling asleep on my stomach on the beach.

Living so close to the Outer Banks, I have been to the beach so many times. This beach trip however, was so amazing. It’s amazing to be some place that isn’t crowded. All you need is a chair, water, (and sunscreen in my case) and you’re set. I’m so thankful to Little Brittany and Travis for letting me tag along. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t catch any fish; it just means a lot to have experiences like this before I leave. Experiences I will never forget. 

Travis has also been wanting a shout out on my blog. I told him that if he took me fishing one day, then he would get one. So here you go! You are the real MVP, T-RAV!


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