Gallery opening.

This past wednesday one of my very best friends, Emilia, came to visit me! She came all the way from Fredericksburg, VA. It was nice having someone here that I could show my home town to. Even though the weather was terrible, we made the most of it. With her two beautiful babies at home, her only request was that we do nothing. It was a very relaxing two days with her here. 

I took her to an Edenton Steamers game! We lost, but it was fun. I’m glad we did that because she said she hasn’t been to a baseball game since she was really little. For those of you who don’t know…Edenton is a very small town outside of Elizabeth City. They have a summer baseball team that consists of college players from around the country that play on this traveling team. The games are small, but definitely enjoyable. Oh…and their mascot is a CLAM. Sam the Clam.

Also on the agenda; we went to the gym and had a really nice workout. Later that day we had an impromptu photo shoot. Since she brought her big, professional cameras, why not put it to some use? The photos came out so beautiful! I believe we took about 400 pictures. She is currently editing them. Hopefully they will be ready to share soon!

Emilia brought me a present, too! In Fredericksburg, she is professional photographer; aside from being a professional great mom! She gave me one of her old cameras; a real camera. With a few lessons, I started taking pictures of everything. I take that thing with me everywhere now! I don’t know if she really understands how much it means to me that she gifted it to me!

It’s been fairly uneventful after Emilia left Friday morning. I did go to the river on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day! Of course I took my NEW CAMERA with me. We went fishing, cleaned crabs, ate a lot (per usual), and picked blueberries. I myself picked 4 lbs, my dad and Melinda (my aunt), each picked 7 lbs! -That will explain the pictures of blueberries. 

In this blog post, I definitely wanted to express my admiration for the great gift from my friend, but I also wanted to show everyone the photos I’ve taken so far. I am very proud of them, and I can’t wait to get better. I am by no means saying I’m a professional. I just like doing it. I look forward to improving and being able to share all of my adventures in quality photos. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Gallery opening.

    1. Emilia….she is amazing with this new camera! Taking pictures of EVERYTHING! She is definitely in love with her new gift! That was very thoughtful of you. Because I see how happy it makes her, I thank you too!


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