I love the familiarity of being home. It’s amazing how you can be gone for years, and you come home and still remember how to get everywhere.

Here I am again, back at Panera…using their free wifi. Doing the usual; downloading movies and typing this here blog. Is it bad that the manager knows who I am now??

It’s actually been a busy last few days. (I never thought I would say that.) Lets see…where should I begin…?

Yesterday was Memorial Day…which means it was packed down here with traffic. However, I mangaged to go down to the beach 2 days in a row. 

“Smell the sea, and feel the sky, let your soul and spirits fly.” 

And you know that I got burnt…I basically glow in the dark, so I definitely got burnt from those 2 days. Luckily, it’s already starting to turn into my version of a tan! On Saturday, I was blessed to be in the presence of my long time bestie, Brittany. We’ve always called her Little Brittany — I’ve known her since I was probably 5-6ish? Since my older sister is also named Brittany, we would always get them confused. So my sister was then known as Big Brittany. If so, facto, there’s a Big Brittany and a Little Brittany. Little Brittany and I used to run the streets of Currituck on the Sound (my old neighborhood) together. 

Anyways…Little Brittany and I are planning on cleaning cottages in Duck this summer. We drove down there this past weekend to fill out our job applications which seemed like we were writing a novel! I’m surprised they didn’t ask for a blood sample along with it…  Hopefully we will hear back about the jobs sometime this week so we can start this weekend.

That evening I went back to the ole stomping grounds of COTS (Currituck On The Sound). Me, Little Brittany, and Hunter (her little bro) went crabbing! We crabbed until it was dark and the thunder and lightning started rolling in.

If you notice, we even caught a fish! For those of you who don’t know how to properly crab, I’ll tell you how.

First, you get string. Then you get some raw chicken legs. Tie one side of the string to the chicken legs and the other side to the pier. Toss the chicken into the water. Wait a few minutes to pull it up slowly. When you pull it up, grab your net that you should have and swipe it under the chicken leg and catch the crab. There you go…its basically science. 


Yay! Jon is in town!!

Jon stopped by before he starts his drive to Texas. I missed him so much. 

Sunday we went to my grandparents house on the river for an early Memorial Day cookout. Jon and I have been together for almost 6 years and surprisingly, this was the first time he has been to this house. Hamburgers and hotdogs were on the menu. After we ate, we went out on the pier for a little fishing. I thought I had a bite, but it turns out I just got the hook stuck on a branch or something. My dad and Melinda brought out the kayaks to save the day…well…the fishing pole. Then what do you know, I decided to hop in one. Good thing I had a change of clothes! Jon didn’t…he said it’s my fault because I didn’t tell him there would be aquatic activities. But I did tell him we were going to THE RIVER. 

Just so y’all know…we have the blueberry hook up. Before we left, we went to scope out the blueberry patch at Patricia’s…they aren’t ready yet, but I did find a few and snacked while we walked around!

It’s now Tuesday and Jon left earlier today. He started his 23 hour drive to Texas. I’m super sad because it’s a good chance I won’t see him again until I arrive in Japan in July. 

Ok blog world…until next time…or at least until the next time I come to Panera. 


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