Eating Alone.

So here I am at Panera eating lunch by myself. I feel like eating alone is under rated. Sometimes it’s nice and peaceful. Once I got passed funny looks, I got used to it.

Even more weird than me eating by myself…I’m sitting beside a table of folks that run a funeral home apparently. So here I am…trying to eat and blog in peace, and they are over there talking about ‘burying people.’ Kind of morbid if you ask me….

I remembered rather quickly that there is not much to do here. I’m trying to make myself useful and stay active instead of just sitting around the house. Today I ate breakfast and then went to the gym. I got a lot of looks thrown my way because I was wearing my NAVY shirt in a room full of coasties.

 (All jokes aside, I’m grateful for all branches of military)

Short blog post today because it’s a boring day. But I would like to give a shout out to Panera for their good food and free wifi! Because of them, I was able to do this blog and to download some movies. 

I hope the weather clears up soon…I’m ready to do things outside and finally go to the beach! It’s been too long!!


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