Back Home.

Today was our last day in the home Jon and I spent over 2 years. We were scrambling around all day trying to get the house nice and clean. I think I took 3 or 4 trips to the dump, Jon probably took 6 or 7 trips. Who knew we had so much stuff?!

The hardest part of the day was saying goodbye to Jon. It was hard because I may not see him until July when I arrive in Japan. We’ve been through times like this where we are apart – with him being in the NAVY, its commone. However, I’m still used to him being on shore duty and seeing him every day. Now the thought of not being with him for a couple months is really hard. Good thing we have cell phones! He said before I left “I’m going to find us and the dogs the best house in Japan!” I’m so lucky 🙂

So after the tearful goodbye, the dogs and I packed up the car and drove the 3 1/2 hours to my dads house in Currituck, NC – the Outer Banks for those who have no idea where Currituck is. My dad greeted us on the porch. He was so excited. I had to literally run everything inside because I brought a storm with me. It’s been nice so far, although Stark won’t leave my dad’s dog Precious alone, so that’s super annoying. I feel like I’m trying to keep track of a toddler. Here’s to hoping that he starts behaving and it’ll make me less stressed…

Here’s a beautiful Currituck sky for you to enjoy. It’s good to be home.


One thought on “Back Home.

  1. That Starky boy, he better get his butt together and start behaving!!! Glad you made it to your Dad’s safely!
    💙Daniel-love you even longer time


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