Move Out: Day 2

Well…the house is basically empty; aside from a few items that need to be thrown away. It feels weird being in an empty house…your own empty house. I never knew that my voice echoed in my house. We are currently camping out in the middle of our living room on an air mattress. Not the most comfortable, but it will do. (First world problem) . I can say that I am getting really tired of eating out for every meal. Although it is nice not having to do the dishes, I still miss cooking. 

We had Stanley Steamer come by today to clean all of our floors to prepare for the final walk through tomorrow. (That picture was a before picture). In addition to getting tired of eating take out for every meal, I’m also getting tired of having to stay inside this empty house because of all of these people coming in and out. Thank goodness for two of my best friends Meghan and Daniel! (Her real name is Danielle, but I call her Daniel – long story).

We had a picnic planned today and an ice cream extravaganza at Carl’s – an ice cream staple in Fredericksburg.

The picnic was awesome…except for the snake that we saw. EEEK! I’m going to miss those two so much.

One of the hardest things about the military life is that you are always on the move. You should really embrace those you come across that are truly special friends. Even though it’s not goodbye yet – I will still be in the states for Meghan’s wedding – it was still hard to say goodbye to them today. We are going to start planning our FaceTime/Skype dates!

Next on the agenda for the evening…our second camp out in the living room. Tomorrow the dogs and I are heading to my dad’s house in Currituck where we will be until July!


2 thoughts on “Move Out: Day 2

  1. Awww Austin 😢
    This post made me said all over again, but I did smile about “her name is Danielle but I call her Daniel -long story”
    💙Daniel -love you long time 😘


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