Pack Out.

May 17th, 2017. 

Today is the day the movers came to pack up our entire house. This is the first time we have had the military move us, and let me tell you; it’s very overwhelming! It’s awkward enough having strangers in your house, but to have them packing up all of our things is rather strange. They did a good job though!

After today, we have Stanley Steamer coming tomorrow and the final walk through on Friday. It’s getting real!

Friday, I will head to my dads house in Currituck, NC with Stark and Fiona (my dogs). The plan is to stay with my dad until July when the dogs and I will fly to Japan. Jon will already be there. He is set to arrive in June. We planned it this way so he can find us a house to live so we don’t have to stay in a hotel with the dogs. Also, that gives me plenty of time to spend with family. 

We’re all so excited! Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely a hard pill to swallow when we found out we were going to Japan, but the excitement is starting to kick in. This will be an adventure unlike any other. I mean, I’ve never even been to California! 

I’m glad that I can document everything through this outlet to keep everyone up to date on how we are doing and the cool places we visit! 

P.S. – Please keep in mind that I’ve never done a blog before, so please be kind!! 


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